Yashaswi S Devadiga – Miss South India 2018

NAME: Yashaswi S Devadiga

AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 5’4”

HOBBIES: Sports Playing Piano Harmonium Painting

STRENGTH: Self confidence Honesty self motivated dedicated positive attitude

WEAKNESS: Cant deny for help, protective towards my pet


  • Miss Mumbai Miss Fresh Face 2017
  • Miss Fabb Pune Miss beautiful Smile 2017
  • Won more than 60 medals in athletics

Vidyashree.K.S – Miss South India 2018

NAME: Vidyashree.K.S

AGE: 23

HEIGHT: 5’8”

HOBBIES: Singing Carnatic Music, Dancing ,Anchoring, Reading Books, Cooking , Travelling , Gardning, face Painting And Sketching.

STRENGTH: Confidence, charm, optimism, Dedication, Hardworking, Perseverance, Voice, Diligence, grasping Skills, Speech, vocabulary And Patience

WEAKNESS: Careless With Things, Initiative Takes Time, Bottled Up Emotions.


  • Miss Bangalore 1st runner up , 2013
  • Mega Model Hunt , Prasad Bidappa agency, 2014
  • Modelled in several fashion shows: Orion Fashion Week, Karnataka fashion week.
  • Advertisement for Kingfisher alongside Sushant Singh Rajput
  • Advertisement for Toyota Etios.
  • Acted in 3 short movies, where 1 was selected for Shankar Nag short film festival,2017
  • 90% in junior exam Carantic music
  • International level moot court speaker in two international moot court competitions
  • National level debate winner conducted by GAIL India, 2015
  • Best speaker in intercollege debate competition
  • Head girl of the school and won Best student award.
  • 94.3% ISCE public exam, Cluny convent high school, Malleswaram, Bangalore.
  • Silver medal in Prakash Padukone Canara union badminton tournament.

Varsha Ashok Shetty – Miss South India 2018

NAME: Varsha Ashok Shetty

AGE: 20

HEIGHT: 5’9”

HOBBIES: Dancing , Reading , Exploring , Learning

STRENGTH: Believer

WEAKNESS: Fear of not giving my 100 percent. Also, I fidget a lot which can be quite vexing .


  • With the kind of love and support I have been showered with Be it when I wanted to be a soldier back in 9th grade and decided to join NCC ultimately winning the Best Cadet Award
  • Or my passion for dance which led me to perform in my very own Rangapravesha after the completion of Senior Grade In Bharatnatyam and also learning Kuchipudi from my Guru.
  • Or realising the want to influence and inspire people through the very positive channelling of energy via pageants.
  • With the people around me , it has certainly been a journey with a vision shared by all and carried by me.
  • 10 years down the lane , I aspire to become a renowned Trauma Surgeon and dedicate my life to the service of humanity.
  • Miss Mangalore 2nd runner up 2017
  • Miss Grand Sea India 2017
  • Represented India internationally in Bulgaria to win Miss Grand Sea Asia 2017

Menta.Tanurya – Miss South India 2018

NAME: Menta.Tanurya

AGE: 21

HEIGHT: 5’4”

HOBBIES: Meditation, modelling and dancing

STRENGTH: Thoughtful, self-assured and creative

WEAKNESS: Sensitive, kindness and empathy


  • Miss Andhra Pradesh​ ​first runner up ​ ​
  • Miss Nellore​ ​first runner up

Sushmitha Gopinath – Miss South India 2018

NAME: Sushmitha Gopinath


AGE: 25

HOBBIES: dancing, singing, reading books, riding bikes.

STRENGTH: My Family. Being flexible. Dependable. Hardworking . Being Expressive.

WEAKNESS: Short sighted. Stubborn


  • Miss Andra Pradesh 2016. Miss Beautiful eyes.
  • Miss Glam India runner up. Miss Talented. Miss Beautiful face.
  • Times of India – face of the week Winner
  • Top 4 in Reliance trends Bangalore fashionista 2015
  • Top 3 in FBB ( Fashion at Big Bazaar) 2015
  • Ads – Induleka Akrot face pack, Kalyan jewels with actor Shivrajkumar, Go butter milk, Rajmahal silks, Holiday IQ, Ticket new app, Sathya home appliances
  • Movies – John Johnny Janardhan(Kananda- 2nd heroine) 2016, Vajra (Kannada debut film) 2017

Sreya Pramod C.K – Miss South India 2018

NAME: Sreya Pramod C.K

AGE: 20

HEIGHT: 5’4”

HOBBIES: Dancing, Singing, Designing, Listening to music, Travelling, Baking.

STRENGTH: Compassionate, Energetic, Patient, Leadership , Charming, Communicative, Helping, Trustworthy

WEAKNESS: Being compassionate and helpful to others has been a weak point in my life. But I have brought myself up in a way that I don’t fall for any now.


  • 1st runner up “Face of kerala-2016”
  • 1st – Inter College Badminton Tournament.
  • 2nd-western music, State Kalotsavam CBSE
  • Being a humanitarian to the society has been the greatest achievement.

Shrisha S.I – Miss South India 2018

NAME: Shrisha S.I

AGE: 18

HEIGHT: 5’8”

HOBBIES: Singing, Music, Dancing ,Fashion Designing.

STRENGTH: Personality, Acting, Dancing, Adaptable, Understanding, Reliable

WEAKNESS: Emotional.


  • Winner of Miss TAMIL NADU ’18

Sharanya Shetty – Miss South India 2018

NAME: Sharanya Shetty


HEIGHT: 5’4”

HOBBIES: Dancing, Acting, Singing

STRENGTH: My parents, My talents, My desire to stand out of other people, dedication, confidence, Love towards my soul.

WEAKNESS: Laziness


  • I have completed Bharatanatyam junior exam
  • Walked for many designer shows and for a intercollege competition

Shali Nivekas – Miss South India 2018

Name: Shali Nivekas

Age: 22

Height: 5’7”

Hobbies: Dance, writing poems, edicating kids from rural areas

Strength: Optimism

Weakness: Boundless optimism


  • Donbosco group of schools – Best Dancer of the year 2k12
  • MMA fest – District 2nd
  • Vibrance – Young Innovator Award
  • Miss Tamil Nadu 1st runner up
  • Reliance Jewels Miss Chennai

Shaasthra Shetty – Miss South India 2018

NAME: Shaasthra Shetty

AGE: 20

HEIGHT: 5’6”

HOBBIES: Reading, Debating, Writing and Dancing

STRENGTH: I’m a hard worker and I never give up. I fiercely believe in myself.

WEAKNESS: I tend spread myself too thin at times.


  • National Level Orator and Debator.
  • Winner of Miss Karavali 2017
  • Winner of Miss Mangalore 2017
  • Represented India in Bulgaria at the Miss Teen Grand Sea Universe pageant and won the title of Miss Teen Grand Sea Asia 2017.