Hrithma M Shetty – Miss South India 2018

NAME: Hrithma M Shetty

AGE: 26

HEIGHT: 5’5”

HOBBIES: Dancing , Writing Poems , Dreaming , Sports , Learning New Things.

STRENGTH: Failures have pushed me so hard that now i am not afraid of failing. I get up and walk ahead every single time. I never quit. Because I believe it takes only one success story to be a success but hundreds of failures to sustain the success it.

WEAKNESS: Emotional… I get carried away easily by emotions when I see people in trouble.


  • Trained classical dancer
  • Black belt in Taekondo.
  • Trained for pageantry under Ritika Ramtri.
  • Acted in a video clip “billion eyes “ for BPAC women’s safety under Bigna Tomschin and Arjun Talwar.
  • Finalist in WSMI, had to quit for educational reasons