Rajashree Nagaraja – Mrs.South India 2017

NAME : Rajashree Nagaraja

AGE :32

HEIGHT : 5’ 4”

HOBBIES : Painting, Creative & recycled craft, Singing

STRENGTH : Creativity, Enthusiasm & Hardworking

WEAKNESS : Soft natured & easily believe on others words

* Learned classical music for 12 yrs from the age of 5 & was a child artiste in vocal music in All India Radio
* Learnt various painting technique & have several paintings for sale.

11 thoughts on “Rajashree Nagaraja – Mrs.South India 2017”

  1. Rajashree is the best in what she does. Loads of patience, well disciplined attitude, she’s an amazing person to spend time with and very caring.

    To friends and wellwishers, I am sure many of us know her well, please come forward and vote. Many thanks, πŸ™‚

  2. I have known Raj for 15 yrs, and am proud to be her friend . She is a kind hearted person, who can go any limits to take care of her loved ones. Unconditional Love towards animals.

  3. She deserves every bit of attention and appreciation for her efforts, honesty, perseverance, charm, wit, creativity and not to forget her beauty. She dazzles people with her infectious smile and wry sense of humor. She is a performing artist but a silent one, just like how one would describe still waters that run deep.
    She is a complete package of the modern-day, strong woman who is versatile, caring, beautiful, responsible, independent and ambitious.

    Wish her all the luck and I urge everyone to vote for her. There is still time.

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