Jyothi Vijayakumar – Mrs.South India 2017

NAME : Jyothi Vijayakumar

AGE : 38

HEIGHT : 5’ 2.5”

HOBBIES : Dancing is my passion & an avid reader

STRENGTH : Exceptional organizational skill, Very very calm under stress

WEAKNESS : Too trusting & forgiving (at times I see this as my strength also)

* Navy Queen 2001; first runner up, Best Skin, Miss Photogenic
* Mrs Kerala 2011; final 5, Mrs Catwalk
* First women to start belly dancing course in Kerala

9 thoughts on “Jyothi Vijayakumar – Mrs.South India 2017”

  1. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman being unapologetically herself;comfortable with her own self. Jyothi embodies this true essence of beauty. Beautiful , Intelligent and talented she is perfect as a beauty queen. Wish you the very best Jyothi.

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