Preethi Kitchappan – Mrs.South India 2017

NAME : Preethi Kitchappan

AGE : 36

HEIGHT : 5’ 9”

HOBBIES : Day dreaming

STRENGTH : Both these concepts are Equivocal! Circumstance rule it!

WEAKNESS : Both these concepts are Equivocal! Circumstance rule it!

* Mrs India Elegant 2017
* Mrs Chennai
* Mrs Coimbatore
* Miss Coimbatore
* Miss Tirupur
* Harmless, kind, honest & compassionate human which I consider my greatest achievement

42 thoughts on “Preethi Kitchappan – Mrs.South India 2017”

  1. Hi Preethi I wish to convey my advance best wishes to you to get win in the mrs.southindia 2017 contest. You being a law studies, from Coimbatore and wonderful beauty already won various beauty contest, I find you are the title winner hopefully

  2. Preethi is an extremely talented, ambitious and a very humble person. Her passion is her strength. We wish her all very best.

  3. She was gorgeous and sexy, wow in blowing smile she has, she has a wounderful photogenic face, she will win the contest and damn sure she will be right participate for this Mrs. INDIA competition. SHE sure will won the title

  4. Preethi is very strong and intelligent lady whom I came across.
    She is always positive and keep encouraging and motivating others to get things done.

  5. A wonderful human bring whom i feel to deserve in beholding the responsible title of Mrs.South India. Electrifying Elegance distincts her.🌹

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