Dr Priya Selvaraj – Mrs.South India 2017

NAME : Dr Priya Selvaraj

AGE : 43

HEIGHT : 5’ 4”

HOBBIES : Writing, Photography, Dancing, Singing, Travel enthusiast

STRENGTH : Self Belief, Honesty & Tolerance

WEAKNESS : A wee bit impatient

* Motherhood
* Professional Expertise

323 thoughts on “Dr Priya Selvaraj – Mrs.South India 2017”

    1. Hi Dr.priya.U r awesome,woman best doctor.U r the best to receive such an award.Advance wishes to u on behalf of my family.with my little srikrishna.good luck mam.

    1. Best wishes to Dr.Priya Selvaraj, Chennai.
      E.Ramachandran & Fmly,
      ZSM-South India,Gynnext,German Remedies.

  1. I ll vote for Priya Because of her kindness and real concern towards her patients.Her real beauty is her down to earth nature though she born with silver spoon

  2. Dr Priya Selvaraj a great person and a humanitarian. She is exemplary in balancing professional and personal life, taking care of her children and family. She is the prefect blend of talent, beauty and family values and more over she is a great mother. There are many admiring qualities in her. She is a great contestant and I am sure will win the crown. I wish her all the best.

  3. You are the finest ,loveliest ,kindest and the most beautiful person I have ever known.You are the right choice .All the very best

  4. Dr.Priya is a most accomplished youth icon with stunning professionals credentials and she is also an equally wonderful mother. A woman of substance in totality. I vote for her!

  5. Dr. Priya Selvaraj, is a very talented and intelligent person…though she is one of the leading Gynecologist, she groomed herself very well…She is a deserving contestant to win the Mrs.South India 2017….

  6. She deserves it.Doing a great job, she gives life to many motherhood thereby making their life meaningful…… Not in this year for the forth coning yearssss too she wins.Wishing her a very good luck. …….

  7. I vote for Dr.Priya Selvaraj.She deserves it. Doing a great job, giving life to many motherhood thereby making their life meaningful. ……..Not only in this year for the forthcoming years too she wins.Wishing her a very good luck. ……..

  8. A very dedicated doctor highly trustworthy a person who balances a profession and family very beautifully a sincere person

  9. Advance wishes you r the winner, Be a part to participate it’s a lovely opportunity, Stay cool💦💦💦.

  10. My vote is for Dr.Priya Selvaraj. An awesome doc, charming lady, amazing mom, wonderful homemaker herself, helped hundreds of couples to build their families.

  11. Hi she is very beautiful and talented doctor and above all a nice human being ..she gave life for so many of us ..we vote for her ..our blessings for her successful life .

    Rajeswari Sanjeev& Vihaan

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