Chandini H Hussain – Mrs.South India 2017

NAME : Chandini H Hussain

AGE : 27

HEIGHT : 5’ 7.5”

HOBBIES : Listening to Music, Travel & Adventure

STRENGTH : Multi Task, Team Player, Easy Going

WEAKNESS : Emotional

* Participated in Miss Bangalore 2012
* Miss Karnataka 2013
* Indian Princess 2014

27 thoughts on “Chandini H Hussain – Mrs.South India 2017”

  1. Chandini H Hussain undoubtedly will be crowned Mrs South India. Rest would be history 3 cheers. Our Best wishes

  2. She looks like princess nd she is beautiful, gorgeous, she is amazing nd she has all qualities to become mrs south India 2017 I support chandini …
    She win

  3. She is best among all.. how good she looks, she is same from inside. Most beautiful person on this planet… All the best Chand.

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