Chandini H Hussain – Mrs.South India 2017

NAME : Chandini H Hussain

AGE : 27

HEIGHT : 5’ 7.5”

HOBBIES : Listening to Music, Travel & Adventure

STRENGTH : Multi Task, Team Player, Easy Going

WEAKNESS : Emotional

* Participated in Miss Bangalore 2012
* Miss Karnataka 2013
* Indian Princess 2014

28 thoughts on “Chandini H Hussain – Mrs.South India 2017”

  1. Chandini H Hussain undoubtedly will be crowned Mrs South India. Rest would be history 3 cheers. Our Best wishes

  2. She looks like princess nd she is beautiful, gorgeous, she is amazing nd she has all qualities to become mrs south India 2017 I support chandini …
    She win

  3. She is best among all.. how good she looks, she is same from inside. Most beautiful person on this planet… All the best Chand.

  4. Just went through all the comments…
    It made my day ….

    Thank u so much from the bottom of my heart ….

    I m glad I earned the crown..
    And made u all proud ….


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